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The Best Restaurant Contractors in New York

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One of the biggest cities in the world, The Big Apple is also one of its culinary capitals. Its numerous restaurants reflect the diverse cuisines and populations throughout the city, and the buildings in which they are housed reflect that diversity through its facade.

While architects and interior designers dream up the restaurant’s character and appearance, it is the general contractors who solidify these designs and make them a reality. The following is a list of New York City’s best restaurant contractors- those who bring the NYC culinary scene to life.

15. Benchmark Builders, Inc.

237 West 35th Street Suite 901 New York, NY 10001

Founded in 2008 by Fred Sacramone, Benchmark Builders, Inc. is a New York City-based general construction firm. With a goal to be the best in the industry, they have the drive to deliver the best product quality in the industry.

Benchmark Builders works to share their dedication, expertise, professionalism and intense focus on customer satisfaction to each building project they undertake. Benchmark Builders are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and are undergoing the LEED certification process.

14. SAGE Builders Corporation

7 West 36th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10018

SAGE Builders Corporation is a New York City-based general contracting and construction management firm that was founded in 2010 by Sin Seon Choi. SAGE takes pride in the speed and efficiency with which they perform their work, without ever sacrificing its quality. The company offers services to a range of projects; from residential construction and remodels to large-scale retail, restaurants, schools, and hotels.

SAGE understands the challenges of setting up a restaurant in New York City and is ready to take on the tasks that it requires. From keeping up with the ever-changing building codes to coordinating with various authorities, SAGE is experienced and capable, with over 20 restaurants across New York City in their portfolio.

13. Certified Construction

623 West 51st Street, New York, NY

Certified Construction is a New York City-based general contracting and construction management firm. The firm was founded by Michael Borrico in 1986 and offers ground up, renovation and restoration services for residential and commercial construction projects.

Certified Construction considers people and integrity as their greatest assets. With their team of professionals in an atmosphere of the trust and respect, they guarantee quality that exceeds expectations, solidifying their reputation as a premier general contractor in the high-end restaurant industry.

12. InsideSquad, Inc.

2542 West 13th Street Brooklyn, New York, 11223

InsideSquad, Inc., a full service general contracting firm that serves both the residential and commercial markets, was founded in 2010 by Danny Tselnik. Tselnik has 15 years experience in construction, getting his start at age 14 when his father began teaching him about the industry.

InsideSquad offers pre-construction, general construction, and construction management services, and under Tselnik’s leadership, has become known as a one-stop-shop for NYC’s tech start-ups, retail, residential and developer clients.

11. Mamais Construction

256 W 124th St, New York, NY 10027

Serving the New York area since 1968, the family-owned general contracting firm has a long history of notable projects. Led by President Voula Mamais, Mamais Construction employs over 150 full-time employees, who focus on all types of fabrication, ranging from basic shelving to sophisticated custom cabinets.

Offering an array of construction services, Mamais guarantees their clients the highest quality work derived from their years of experience in the industry.

10. Bellwood NY, Inc.

588 Court Street 2fl Brooklyn, NY 11231

Bellwood NY, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Yoji Suzuki. With the ability to listen to clients and react to each request, Bellwood is able to meet and exceed the expectations of not only the architect and designers but that of their clients as well.

Their aim is to create a successful and lasting relationship with all of their partners. Bellwood is well-versed when it comes to the construction of restaurants, and knows the intricacies of what these projects require. As a construction firm that specializes in hospitality and restaurants, Bellwood creates strict timelines and follows budget demands without compromising the quality of their work.


1140 Broadway, 6th Floor New York, NY 10001

With a careful eye for detail and an elaborate understanding of the city of New York, RDDNY ARCH  creates projects that integrate sustainable design strategies and a connection to history, nature, and context. The firm was founded in 2000 by Carlos Bolanos, an architect who received his Master’s degree from Columbia University in NYC.

Equipped with a team of skilled, insured and licensed carpenters, plumbers and electricians, RDDNY guarantees their clients fast results with the utmost quality. With a belief that design plays a significant role in the construction of a restaurant, the firm ensures that their clients benefit from a single, trusted source from design through construction.

8. Concetti Tri-State Contracting

347 5th Ave 8th Floor New York, NY 10001

Concetti Tri-State Contracting is a general contracting firm based in New York City. With over 35 years of ecperience, Vincent Caravello in 1991  Concetti is comprised of a team of construction professionals who use the latest technology to simplify and enhance each project.  Vincent has a degree in Interior design with certification in office planning and general design layout and along-side him is his partner Elan T. Sober, who holds a BFA in Interior Architectural design / Interior design.

Concetti’s contracting services are recognized in the restaurant industry for their craftsmanship and efficiency. From facade upgrades to complete redesign, Concetti’s projects are projects are attractive, on-budget and code-compliant. Concetti is also approached by Channel 11 news when there’s a breaking story surrounding a construction incident for their insight and expertise as to why an incident happened.

7. Precision Innovations Specialty Contracting

459 Baltic St. Brooklyn, NY  11217

The fully licensed and insured New York City-based commercial and residential construction firm was founded by David Dean in 2009. Precision Innovations Specialty Contracting follows the ‘Precision Approach’; a belief that finding and developing a positive relationship with general contractors should not be difficult or troublesome, but instead be a fruitful and rewarding experience that results in a hassle-free renovation.

The firm specializes in renovating restaurants and bars, residences and Commercial properties. Precision Innovations is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, the Occupational Health and Safety Association, and the Associated Construction Commerce.

6. KCC Design + Build

11 Park Place, New York NY 10007

KCC Design + Build is a husband and wife team with over 30 years of combined experience. Erik and Chrissy Kopplin offer full in-house design services, budget & schedule management, risk avoidance, and building execution. The design-build general contracting firm specializes in commercial projects and also offers single-source design and building solutions to create branded environments through conceptual and strategic development processes.

Erik Kopplin, a Master Builder who determined from a young age that his direction in life was to build, fully understands complex architecture, engineering, estimating/cost maximization, and governing agencies. Christina Kopplin, the lead designer for over 2,000 domestic and international projects, is a design executive who is driven by solutions.

5. C&A Seneca Construction LLC

511 West 28th Street New York, NY 10001

The family-owned business specializes in design-build projects including hotels, restaurants, and lounges. C&A Seneca Construction LLC was founded by Carlo Seneca in 1945. They have worked on some of the most prestigious establishments in New York, such as the Buddha Bar and the Stay Hotel, which used state-of-the-art technology to create a projection wall.

Other NYC projects completed by C&A Seneca Construction include the Megu Worldwide, a world-renowned Japanese restaurant brand located at the Dream Downtown Hotel in the Meatpacking district of NYC.

4. Greython Construction

15 West 36th, 3rd Floor New York, New York 10004

Greython Construction is a general construction firm that offers a wide range of services with a long history of clients. Specializing in restaurants, hospitality, and single- and multi-family projects, Greython was founded by Kyle Klewin in 2015.

With a strong commitment to their clients’ projects, Greython follows budget plans strictly and adheres to project timeline. Greython’s professional tradesmen include LEED-certified staff skilled in Green Building construction.

3. O+D Builders

133 West 25th Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10001

Founded in 2001, O + D Builders is a full-service construction management and general contracting firm that provides quality innovative building services to a diverse list of clients. O+D professionals create clean, organized, workflows to tailor fit their client’s projects.

O+D Builders has worked with such notable companies as HSBC, Verizon, Cushman and Wakefield, and the American Heart Association. Each building project starts by creating a detailed overview of the work, then monitoring of the actual construction while consistently communicating with the client, and finally checking every detail of the work.

2. New World Design Builders

261 Madison Avenue, 25th Floor New York, NY 10016

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Chris Kofitsas founded New World Design Builders in 1988. With a strong sense of beauty, detail and his commitment to excellence, New World Design Builders take pride in their talented group of trained professionals working and communication as a team to finish each project on time.

New World Design Builders have been listed as one of the best Restaurant Architects in New York City. They have also been featured in publications including such as Zagat, Architectural Digest, and Bon Appetit and on PBS.

1. J. Petrocelli Contracting

100 Comac Street Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

There are many things to consider when planning a construction project:the building’s use, appearance, public reaction, budgets, schedules, safety, materials, and building methods. J. Petrocelli takes all of these factors and turns dreams into reality.

Founded in 1959 by Jack and Joan Petrocelli, and now under the second generation of family ownership, J. Petrocelli follows a simple philosophy of believing that the critical first step to all construction management is to identify the challenges. J. Petrocelli works to address each challenge, communicating with their clients about the construction process, and aiming to achieve the balance between project quality, budget, and schedule.