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The Best General Contractors in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn’s rows of brownstone townhouses, tree-lined streets, and industrial buildings are instantly recognizable – they exude that quintessential ‘New York’ feeling. Many of these brownstones buildings are decades old and attributable to the Industrial Revolution which also took place in New York City. Today, these buildings are highly-priced, and sought for their unique style and look. Many general contractors have become adept in remodeling these Brooklyn buildings, by learning how to retrofit interior additions, convert and make garages, add rooftop amenities, and enhance their aesthetics. Skilled general contractors are consistently able to convert old buildings and old factories into high-end lofts and luxury townhouses – effectively driving their values high.

Brooklyn is diverse, ethnic, and exciting. It is the most populous out of all the five New York boroughs as it is home to more than 2.6 million people. Brooklyn, arguably, represents the quintessential New York feeling, and much has to do with its urban landscape. While Manhattan has high rises and a contemporary, sleek city design, Brooklyn shines for its distinctive neighborhood facade: century-old, Victorian townhouses. Fortunately, many of homeowners and prospective clients want to preserve these old-world aesthetics and even upgrade them to fit current building standards. Good Brooklyn general contractors know the complexities of these residential buildings. They are specialized in restorations, interior renovations, brownstone remodels, and upgrades of various residential systems. The following fifteen general contractors are among the best Brooklyn has to offer.

15) Ecostruct LLC

214 7th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11215

General Contractor Ecostruct LLC’s primary area of focus is green building and reduction of energy use – all of its projects are assured to have been built sustainably. As such, the firm has received Leadership for Energy Efficient Design (LEED) certification issued by the US Green Building Council and was also designated a certified professional by the Building Performance Institute. The firm’s founder, Jonathan Eukland, has been engaged in green building since early in his career.

Ecostruct LLC provides sustainable building services for residential apartments, townhouses, and luxury condominiums. In addition to design, building, and consultation services, the firm specializes in interior/exterior demolition, carpentry, facade and windows installation, and custom fabrication. Ecostruct LLC has worked in numerous Brooklyn townhouses, transforming spaces into high-end lofts with modern and minimalist finishing.

14) Multi Construction Company

1636 43rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11204

Multi Construction Company, a general contractor with nearly 30 years of experience, provides high-end interior customization in Brooklyn. The Hossain family started the firm with an idea that they could combine their professional specialties in engineering, construction, and management, and cultivate a unique company culture – all while serving communities in Brooklyn.

The present head, Shafayet Hossain, continues the firm’s commitment to fine work and integrity. Multi Construction Company today is a full-service contractor, specializing in carpentry, basement and overall home remodeling. The firm serves all five New York City boroughs, with their most prominent works appearing in Brooklyn’s colonial homes and townhouses. Multi Construction plans project – whether an update or a complex renovation – with their clients thoroughly, offering expert insights and delivering in a timely manner.

13) Egnatia Construction

2007 71st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204

Egnatia Construction offers extensive general construction project packages ranging from additions and deck installations to water damage and natural disaster restoration. The firm, which mainly serves Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other areas in New York City, has overseen contracting projects small and large, from $10,000 single-room renovations to larger projects upwards of $1million.

The Egnatia Construction team, headed by Jimmy Loperi, works with their clients, explaining the remodel process, taking note of any concerns, and advising how best to proceed. As a general contractor company, Egnatia Construction handles all the details- budgeting, negotiations, obtaining permits, planning, supervising, and troubleshooting. Apart from high-end remodels and quality works, the firm offers a very important proofing service against common house disasters such as fire, water, and other natural causes. The firm will conduct property assessments to lessen the risk of damage from fire, tornadoes, and flood, to give clients greater peace of mind.

12) Fox Force Five Construction

49 Wyckoff Ave Suite 21, Brooklyn, New York

The people behind the Fox Force Five Construction team adhere to a simple value: upholding themselves to higher standards. The firm believes in maintaining positive relations with their clients, subcontractors, vendors, architects to result in high-quality craftsmanship and great customer satisfaction.

The firm, based in Brooklyn, has worked on multitudes of residential and commercial projects and believes that their completed work portfolio is the reflection of who they are. Headed by Chana Sweetbaum, Fox Force Five has worked with several big-name clients during their 15 years in the business. Fox Force Five Construction primarily deals with remodeling properties in the Brooklyn area, and in surrounding New York City areas. As such, the firm is experienced in working with existing architectural moldings and salvaging original doors and parquet floors. The results? Townhouses converted into upscale lofts with high-end finishings and airy surroundings.

11) Bednarz Construction LLC

66-00 Queens-Midtown Expressway. Suite 306. Maspeth, NY 11378

Bednarz Construction specializes in high-end residential loft and apartment construction primarily in areas within Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York. Founded in 2013 by Walter and Jakub Bednarz, the firm offers clients services such as tiling, framing, flooring, sound installation, glass and stonework, millwork, cabinetry, and water and fireproofing.

The team has worked on renovating high-end residential properties on Pierrepont St., Furman St., 19th St., and in the Park Slope Residences. Bednarz’s projects are heavily involved custom work – from full staircase construction to complete renovations. As upscale remodelers, Bednarz Construction prides itself with a team of hands-on managers able to respond to clients in a timely manner and meet their needs, as well as top-quality deliver construction projects on deadline.

10) Gaudioso Construction

12 President St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

Gaudioso Construction offers a variety of construction services for residents of Brooklyn and the surrounding New York City area – including apartment, brownstone renovation, and interior design. During their over 20 years of experience in the industry, the teams behind the firm have mastered different areas of construction including kitchen and bathroom remodels, living rooms and entryways. No project is too small for the firm; they take on simple remodel projects up to full-home renovations. As a firm that values customer service, they ensure that every client has only to contact a single project manager to address all his/her needs.

Gaudioso Contracting offers a no-hassle transaction when it comes to their renovations – they take full responsibility for the job from flooring and molding replacement to amenity upgrades. The firm is able to renovate a property and make them compliant to new industry standards, without losing the home’s’ old world charm. Gaudioso Contracting has been featured in House Magazine and Architecture Digest.

9) Bond Construction

303 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10016

Bond Construction offers high-end, full-service general construction and management. Their portfolio includes luxury residential and commercial projects in New York City and the Tri-State area. The firm, headed by Ed Lekaj, prides itself with having a range of qualified and creative craftsmen and construction managers able to meet their clients’ individual needs.

The firm assigns each of their clients a project manager to oversee the entire creation of their project and to ensure that work goes smoothly. Bond Construction is involved from conception to completion of each individual project, including specifications and obtaining permits. They provide services such as home renovations and remodeling, painting and decorating electrical, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and custom cabinets. The firm assures that they take into consideration all their clients’ lifestyle and individual needs.

8) Design + Build Enterprises

103 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY

Design + Build Enterprises offers full general contracting services, including recommendation and advisory functions, in Brooklyn. According to founder Tambi Kat, the firm treats their projects like the ‘visual extension’ of their clients, and so, promises to treat each one with full hands-on service. Likewise, the firm means to serve as the ‘link’ between architects, designers, builders, and luxury retail companies, and clients, with interdependence among the key players.

Tambi himself acts as the main liaison for clients and oversees all phases of the construction process. The firm is composed of LEED-certified individuals with specialties in design and build. Design + Build Enterprises has done work in Manhattan, Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, and Crown Heights, among others. Notably, the firm is adept in making the design details of a traditional building stand-out and incorporate them into a more modern design. In addition to general construction services, the firm specializes in full interior renovations, new construction, extensions/additions, and custom millwork serving both the residential and commercial sectors.

7) Dynamic Construction

1149 E 34th St, Brooklyn, NY 11210

Dynamic Construction Company, which serves the areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New York, is a full-service general construction firm specializing in all its aspects including living rooms, gut renovations, kitchen, and bathroom remodels, and other interior home renovation projects.

Owner Jamal Elnatour, who established the company nearly 30 years ago, has a degree in structural engineering. He and George Fayad, co-owner and master carpenter, take a hands-on approach when in the worksite. The firm strives to perform work within or below budget and always delivers ahead of the timeline – even when roadblocks appear. Dynamic Construction’s forward-thinking mindset and focus on clients sets them apart, and as their many satisfied clients would agree.

6) Allied Arborcraft Corporation

9201 Flatlands Ave Brooklyn, NY 11236

Allied Arborcraft Corporation founder, Jerry Resnick, believes that to dive into the construction business, there should only be honesty, great customer service, and quality. 38 years later, those three core values and what they can accomplish still hold true.

The firm offers a wide variety of construction services such as interior demolition, carpentry, framing, flooring, tile and stone installation, as well as electrical and plumbing services. The firm offers custom creation such as windows, vinyl or wood. Allied Arborcraft is adept in working with minimal spaces – often adding wood and lighting fixtures to make small spaces seem more natural and open. Their work has been featured in Dine by Design, New York.

5) The Brooklyn Home Company

138 Union Street #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11231

The Brooklyn Home Company understands the core qualities of typical Brooklyn locals: love for self-expression, individualism, and artistry. The firm believes in building smarter and cleaner homes – those that live and breathe-, and not just housing units.

Their portfolio is a collection of homes that are airy and light-permeable, with wood accentuations, each home unique with its own personality. In addition, TBHC specializes in crafting home furniture and custom barn doors, specially created to fit a modern home, or and pieces of art made by their resident sculptor Fitzhugh Karol. TBHC is made up of builders and creative individuals who pursue functionality, sustainability, and energy efficiency in their homes while preserving taste and timelessness. The firm, which has been in business for 11 years, insists that they run the firm like a team and a family. Their works have appeared in 6sqft and The Cut.

4) ABR Molding General Contractors


The ABR Molding company can boast over 100 completed high-end residential and commercial projects within the New York City and the tri-state area since its inception in 1995. Owned by Andrej Skoczek, the firm specializes in gut renovations, ground up residential buildings, modern renovations, and remodeling – often with high-end, expertly-stylized finishing.

The firm employs over 50 professionals and has completed 45 renovations of townhouses alone. ABR Molding partners with highly-rated architectural firms such as Joseph Vance Architects, Matthew Baird Architects, and O’Neill Rose Architects. For their superb work, the firm has been featured in Design Bureau, The World of Interiors, Elle Decor Japan, and House and Garden.

3) IA Projects

45 Main Street, Suite 530, Brooklyn, NY 11201

IA Projects is known today as a highly-acclaimed general contractor and construction management firm. Their impressive portfolio contains luxurious and quality projects, from new builds to remodels. With over 40 years of experience as master builders, managing partners Pat Whetzle and Pat Murtagh use their experience to offer high-quality general contracting services and specialized historical renovations.

IA Projects is able to fully remodel hundred-year-old properties with a blend of modernity and historical features. IA Projects offers full service general contracting, from pre-construction to project closeout, and is a PH Certified Builder. IA Projects has been featured in Design Anthology, Oculus, Design Brooklyn, New York Spaces, and in Ingrid Abramovitch’s book Restoring a House in the City.

2) Knockout Renovations

810 2nd Avenue NY, NY 10017

Knockout Renovations, foremost, is an exclusive residential contractor – the company doesn’t accept government or commercial projects. Their skill specialties are entirely focused on designing and building home remodels and additions. The firm is a full-service design and construction company that offers end-to-end management. Founder Keith Steier established the company in 1992 and brought with him an array of specialties in carpentry and construction.

Knockout Renovations has done numerous residential projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan and has been billed as an industry expert by the media. A noticeable trend in their work is elegant finishing – from a dreary apartment to a well-designed loft. Knockout Renovations, for their prolific and skilled work, has been featured in media programmings such as Rachel Ray and NBC’s Today Show numerous times, as well as major outlets The New York Times, and The New York Daily News. Their designs have appeared in Fine Home Building Magazine, Remodeling Magazine, Kitchen and Bath Design Magazine, TimeOut New York, and New York Resident Magazine.

1) Dixon Projects

140 Broadway, Floor 28, New York, NY 10005

Dixon Projects has done outstanding work in remodeling entire townhouses in Brooklyn; the old, traditional features of the houses [made anew, and elevated with contemporary fixtures. The firm, currently headed by Scott Cohen, has completed over 800 small and large projects in the New York Metropolitan area. They have done work from full-gut renovations to brownstone restorations. Dixon Projects provides their clients efficient planning using realistic data and tailor-made services.

For their work, Dixon Projects has been included in America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. The firm also won the 2015 Rising Star Award from New York Construction, the 2017 Global Choice Award American Residential Design Awards (ARDA), the 2017 Best Renovation Grand (ARDA), Grand Conceptual Design (ARDA), Indoor Living (ARDA), and Design Detail (ARDA).